• Improving links between regional authorities, research entities and the local business community not only as partners in the development of specific goals or regional RTD policies, but also as joint partners in national or European initiatives.
  • Fostering trans-national, including cross-border and inter-regional co-operations between regional partners (research entities, business entities, local and regional authorities) in creating and developing research driven clusters in areas or topics of common interest, either related to challenges from the globalisation of markets, technological change or the evolution of normative frames in the European context.
  • Enhancing trans-national, including cross-border and inter-regional mutual learning of regional actors in developing or creating research driven clusters.
  • Mentoring regions with a less developed research profile by more experienced partners through mutual exchange of experience and best practices.
  • Developing joint action plans at the European level to increase regional economic competitiveness through research and technological development activities in traditional or emerging business sectors and mobilising financial possibilities afforded by national/regional authorities, the private sector and by Community programmes (RTD Framework Programme, the CIP and the Structural Funds), in order to exploit the synergy between regional, national and Community programmes for research and economic development.
  • Developing adequate environments – ecosystems for growth – that enable the three research-driven clusters to maximise the benefits of research infrastructures for regional economic development.

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