The iRegions consortium is constituted of two leading and highly innovative research-driven ICT-based clusters, namely CYBERFORUM and KISTA SCIENCE CITY and one emerging ICT cluster, namely BALTIC INNOVATION AGENCY, form a convergence region, Estonia, which presents the best requisites for being successful in the net economy.

All three clusters benefit from experienced network and cluster managers, which have been able either to develop the clusters to their actual position (CYBERFORUM and KISTA SCIENCE CITY) or to shape the policy conditions for the cluster to emerge (BALTIC INNOVATION AGENCY).The three clusters are also remarkable examples of the high involvement of business community into the development of the activities; they are no “top down” clusters wished by regional authorities. They represent a great wealth of innovative businesses with an approximate total of about 35,000 employees (more if the whole ICT environment of the clusters is considered) and growing. The commitment of companies to the project – many will contribute on their own resources – will ensure the business and market relevance of the activities performed within the project and the content of the Joint Action Plan.
Both KISTA SCIENCE CITY and CYBERFORUM can demonstrate research excellence at European and global level in the field considered. World market leaders such as SonyEricsson, SAP and IBM cooperate strongly with their research institutes, for instance in the form of joint laboratories, etc.

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